Discussions Around Disabilities

Discussions Around Disabilities
By Manette Snow 10/25/2017

When you think of the word disability, what comes to mind? The answer usually involves a physical disability. Mental health is often overlooked and stigmatized. Similarly, we think of disabilities as permanent and incapacitating, when the reality is that many people encounter issues with mental health on a temporary basis. In this month’s I’m All In vlog, Manette Snow, vice president, diversity and inclusion, hosts John Koelling, vice president, global total rewards, to talk about some of those issues that can affect our employees and their families. This video is part of Ball’s greater efforts to bring awareness to disabilities, both physical and mental, during National Disability Employment Awareness Month.


Listen to the podcast hosted by Charles Johnson, director, diversity and inclusion, and guest speaker, Katja Stokley, project engineer, Ball Aerospace.

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