AIRLINK® Antennas


High speed data & digital voice

Our AIRLINK® airborne antenna system provides in-flight telephone, fax, and data transmission using the INMARSAT system of geostationary satellites. AIRLINK® relays information around the Earth using high-gain antenna systems and flies on nearly every commercial airline in the world.
U.S. Government customers also use our AIRLINK® high-gain aeronautical system for reliable, secure, high-speed data and near-toll quality digitized voice communications. We delivered 13 SwiftBroadBand AIRLINK® SATCOM antenna systems to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) through a contract with Airbus (formerly AusAero). The system provides a global SATCOM capability to the RAAF fleet of C-130J aircraft.

AIRLINK antenna system
We support our entire AIRLINK® product line with an FAA PART 145 Certified Repair Station for our commercial, aerospace and military customers. For service, support, parts or a quote, contact us at Please note an RMA number from Ball Aerospace is required before returning hardware for repair. For part descriptions and numbers, see the table below.
Description Part Number    
High Gain Antenna  (HGA)    2 each 513738-5XX
Beam Steering Unit  (BSU)     2 each 513739-5XX
Diplexer/Low Noise Amplifier (DIP/LNA)     2 each   (Type A) 511510-500
Diplexer/Low Noise Ampliifer (DIP/LNA)     2 each   (Type F) 2292643-500
High Power Relay (HPR)     1 each 301706-500
Combiner    1 each 300114-500
Cable 513881-5XX
Cable 510733-5XX

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